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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

India buying trip days 6&7

I think it’s better to group these two days together. The last few days have been spent at the Indian show. The word 'show' doesn’t really put it into scale, it's miles and miles of companies displaying their work. It’s a good job that Jamie has been doing this for so long as I don’t think I would have found anything! However, we have found some really nice and exciting products for next year. I’ve been sworn to secrecy but i think they will be worth the wait.
Not a lot else to report I’m afraid other than that we managed to see the whole show in 2 days (record time I hasten to add) and tomorrow we’ll spend time with one of our key suppliers perfecting a few of the new products.
I’ll keep my eye out for something exciting to report for tomorrow.
Until then...

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