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Monday, 18 October 2010

India buying trip day 5

Health and safety, now without wanting to sound too boring I’ll keep this short. Health and safety doesn’t exist in India. Well, it probably does but they don’t pay a blind bit of attention to it. We have seen so many crazy things that we couldn’t help but laugh. Like three men on top of each other trying to fix a electric pylon with a hammer. A truck that was so full of people that they also were stood on each other – however they were singing so it can't have been too bad.
The rest of the day we saw a few more suppliers, developed a few more items and before we knew it it was evening, early to bed as we had an early start for the show.
NB The early start wasn’t just for the show, I had actually got the dreaded Delhi belly. Not a nice experience and enough said about that......

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