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Monday, 18 October 2010

India buying trip day 4

Friday, started in a similar manner to all the other days, breakfast and then a visit to a supplier. This supplier is also an old family friend, a fabric printer who prints Jamie's designs (this season it's the Paisley.) He has been working on a few more designs for next season; so we finalised colours so the production can begin in time for summer.
Now, our flight was meant to be leaving at 6pm but our airline (for legal reasons we’ll call them Jes Air) phoned us to say that our flight had been moved forward by 1 hour. So we didn’t have much time between seeing the supplier and flying – so we went to see old town Jaipur. What a sight, full of magical colours, smells, food and some cheeky monkeys.
After a quick lunch we headed to the airport (to get everywhere in India takes 1 hour.) We arrived at the airport at about 3pm, only to be told that our flight had been delayed by 1 hour, so it was now back to its original time. Eventually we landed in Delhi, got to the hotel, had dinner, and hit the sack.

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