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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

India buying trip day 8

We are nearly at the end of the trip, as we finished the show yesterday (we are 1 day ahead of ourselves). We went to another supplier to finish off a few things, had lunch with them again before heading back to the show to do a few emails and catch up on what has been happening in the world in the last few days.
I’m not sure if I have already mentioned this, but in India they honk there horns constantly. Instead of looking they just beep and turn. There is a constant noise of car horns honking all the time (I’m not sure how we’ll cope when we get back to England – perhaps I’ll just honk for the hell of it)!
Since being in Delhi we have been going to the trade show and then back to the hotel, always in a bus. But today we were in a car, the roads were empty where we were going, the roads had been for about 10 minutes. I was convinced that our driver just honked for the sake of it even though there wasn’t anyone around. About a minute later he did it again, so now i think it must be how they learn to drive...just honk every few minutes!
After the day was done we headed back to the hotel, there is a little inconspicuous tea shop on the corner (see photos above). I’ve been brought up on tea (and it’s almost a ritual in Graham and Green) so we popped in for a look. Words and photos cannot do this little place justice; the owner is a complete connoisseur of tea, he has every type and knows everything there is to know (plus makes a splendid cuppa ) – including ideal brewing times depending on the leaf (yes, I had to take notes). It is safe to say that between us we bought enough tea to last a life time (or to throw a very good tea party).
“T”omorrow is our first free day so we are going on a tour of Delhi. Until next “T”ime...


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