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Thursday, 21 October 2010

India buying trip day 9

Planes, Trains and Tuc Tucs?
I didn’t know what a Tuc Tuc was either. The simplest way to explain it is that someone has taken a motorbike added another wheel on the back, thrown a few old bean cans together and wrapped it round, then taken all the old umbrellas in the world and made a roof. They travel round in a slow but effective pace and really are the best way to see India. So we took one on our day off and went round the sites of Delhi. We ended up in the old town. Jamie had never travelled on the metro (just like the London tubes) and wanted to try it. A rugbyscrum is the best way to describe the experience – utter chaos. But at least he can say he’s done it. I however wish to forget that I was ever on it!
So, in the old town we experienced what Delhi is really like, Medieval England springs to mind, not in a negative way but the traders, the close housing, the tea shops on every corner (It’s how we pictured old England to be). We also found the spice market which was like nothing I have ever seen before; hundreds and hundreds of men carrying bags of all manner of spices, up and down the thinnest of alleys, round people, cars and anything else that gets in their way. From above I imagined it looked a little like the ants do. We walked through back alley and street just exploring all that Delhi has to offer. Colours and colours of fabric, smells upon smells and the general chaos that somehow works. I was even brave enough to try the local Chai* off a street trader.
We then headed back home for a quick shower before heading off for Tea at the Imperial Hotel (Founded by George V and it’s the Indian equivalent of The Ritz). A complete contrast to our morning, it’s a really decadent building with brilliant service and very relaxing gardens. Then off to a local hotel for a spot of dinner before bed.Tomorrow we fly home.
*Chai is a really sweet tea that is boiled for ages and the milk is added during the boiling process. Served in sort of espresso cups. It’s also got cardamon pods and ginger for more flavour. Really yummy.

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