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Thursday, 14 October 2010

India buying trip day 2

Well, my first official day in India. Jamie met me at the airport with a very excited grin on his face. The adventure has begun. Our day started by travelling the wrong way down a motor way (apparently it’s very normal) until we saw a camel pulling an apple cart, we promptly moved to the correct side of the road and on to the hotel!
After a quick shower we were off to see one of our biggest suppliers, luckily we arrived in time for lunch! All the office staff sit and share a meal together, the food is all cooked in house and it was lovely (I learnt that you only eat with one hand – was pretty tricky when trying to tear bread).
So then the fun started, we started in the fabric room where we saw them hand block printing all the material. Every single stage is done by hand crafted wooden blocks; there were about 15 people per sheet of fabric. We then looked at some very exciting rugs (a possibility for next season) along with some very lovely new furniture pieces. We’re coming back in the morning to continue the quest...

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